Primary School

Grade 1

Entering the primary school, Grade 1 students build their reading and math skills throughout the year as well as learning to grow with one another as sharers and friends. Field trips and hands on learning make students understand that learning isn’t just theoretical but experiential!

Grade 2

Introducing an interdisciplinary curriculum, Grade 2 students concentrate on language arts and math. Adding and subtraction of three-digit numbers and introducing multiplication and division are just some of the exciting things students will learn. For those Catholic students who are preparing for first Holy Communion and Reconciliation, Grade Two offers an exciting time of spiritual growth.

Grade 3

The comprehensive curriculum of Grade 3 encompasses all the areas experienced in previous years, though now, Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Religion are preparing to become more independent in their academic pursuit and more accountable in their interactions with one another.

Grade 4

The Grade 4 curriculum offers a challenging opportunity for students as they now begin to experience limited multi-teacher instruction. A deep dive into the local history of New Jersey is one of the year’s many highlights incorporating off campus trips and multi disciplinary learning activities.

Grade 5

In their final year before moving to the Middle School, Grade Five students prepare for the exciting challenges ahead though reading comprehension, science, language arts and cross-curricular projects.