Early Childhood Center


Scaffolding off of their pre-kindergarten experiences, it is in Kindergarten where young learners become young students, wearing uniforms, and letting their imaginations soar. It is in kindergarten where self-confidence, independence, good decision-making is developed, numbers and letters are mastered and independent reading is begun.

Pre-Kindergarten 3

Pre-Kindergarten 3 is the bridge between home and school. Young learners are encouraged to be imaginative and grow and develop through a variety of educational activities and instruction maximized to create socialization and verbal skills.

Pre-Kindergarten 4

The Pre-Kindergarten 4 program is designed to meet the needs of the young learner by providing them a balance of structure and freedom. Young learners are encouraged to be imaginative and think socially and naturalistically through the use of hands on experiences and a variety of early education best practices.