The fine arts program at the Academy is taught in the second trimester of the academic year. Students Pre-K 3 to Grade 8 learn to create in a variety of mediums and expressions. They have a transformative educational experience by learning about the process of creation and completing their own art projects.


From early education to middle school, the method for Spanish second-language acquisition will be a blend of the ‘natural approach/full immersion’ and a ‘constructivist approach’. The natural approach is commonly regarded as full immersion into the target language; and the constructivist approach is set on the student’s process to attach meaning to the target language through discovery and inquisitive learning.

Music Education

The arts program at the Academy is broken into three distinct, trimester long, concentrations. Music takes place during the first trimester where singing, composing, playing the guitar, recorder, handbells, hand chimes and xylophones are just a part of the extensive interactive learning experience students will take part of from Pre K through 8th Grade.

Physical Education & Health and Wellness

The Academy’s physical education program is designed to achieve every individual student’s health and fitness goals, whether for fun or fitness, a beginner or enthusiast, our premier facility is an excellent academic environment that encourages bodily and kinesthetic learning for the overall success, self-confidence and safety of all our students. The Physical Education program takes a trimester each year to discuss the importance of health and wellness from a nutrition and behavioral point of view. Fueling students’ physical goals, students have the opportunity to begin a lifelong journey of healthy choices with good nutrition.

Resource Room/Skills & Drills

The Resource Room at the Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a great place to explore areas of the curriculum in a fun and engaging way. It is here that we identify and address individual student needs, monitor progress, and support skills taught in the general classroom. Individual progress is also monitored through the use of IXL - a web-based program that targets math for all grades K-12. IXL provides unlimited practice through a wide variety of question types, from word problems to interactive graphing. IXL is used as a tool to give our academy students extra practice in certain areas, while meant to individualize the learning experience in areas such as Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Our Resource Room is also home for our Intermediate Advanced Math classes. Students are challenged and work a rigorous curriculum based on individual strengths and needs.


Technology activities, Internet research, virtual manipulatives, and multimedia resources allow students to explore unanswered questions. 3D printing allows students to create real-world objects and allows for cross-curricular instruction.