My son Aaron started as a new student this year and the school has exceeded my expectations.  My son is a very timid boy who needs lots of support and encouragement and he has been welcomed with open arms!  Everyone from the staff to the parents have been fantastic!  It really is a tight knit community and everyone works together as a team.  I have no regrets in enrolling my son at OLMC.  These are very special people who are invested in changing the world by instilling values into the future generations. Divina Lopez, Parent Grade 6

As parents of twin boys who have been part of the Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel since kindergarten, we wholeheartedly endorse the exceptional education and nurturing environment provided by the school. From the early years through fifth grade, our sons have not only received a top-notch academic foundation but have also grown in character, guided by the values instilled in them at the Academy. The dedicated faculty, strong community spirit, and emphasis on both academic excellence and virtue based development make Mount Carmel Academy a standout choice for any family seeking a well-rounded and enriching education for their children. Jessica and Radame Perez, Parents, Grade 5

Our experience at The Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OLMC) has been nothing short of exceptional. Our daughter started pre-k3 this year and we have been very pleased with the curriculum and the way in which her teachers have harnessed her curiosity; she comes home excited to talk about science and math, to teach us the new words she learned in Spanish, and to show us her artwork. We’ve been particularly impressed with how seriously OLMC incorporates religion for students at such a young age, whether that’s through age-appropriate lessons on the Gospel, their involvement in regular liturgical celebrations, or through the Prayer Buddy Program which pairs younger and older students throughout the year. OLMC also prides itself on having a very active Parents Guild where parents can be involved in supporting events and initiatives throughout the school year, which has strengthened the sense of community at the Academy. OLMC has demonstrated itself to be a safe and inclusive school supported by faculty, staff, and an administration who are committed to the success of every student. Bill and Ashley Colona, Alumni, Current Faculty Member, and Parents PK3

As a father of three young women, all of whom graduated from OLMC, I am proud to serve on the Academy’s School Advisory Board.  Today, more than ever, it is critical for us to help support Catholic school education.  Not only does OLMC continue to provide exceptional academics, but it also focuses on the education and formation of the student’s character and one’s place in the larger community. Enrique Urquiola (Former Parent, School Advisory Board

Our family is deeply rooted in OLMC, Academy, and Church and that started when we brought our boys to the Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Our 2 boys cherish their formative years and benefited from the academic discipline and well-rounded values imbued by OLMC’s committed faculty and staff.  OLMC prepared them well for the academic and Jesuit pursuit of life-long learning in their next academic home at Regis High School in New York City. We’ve grown as a family with strong values of humble service, high integrity, and commitment to give back to our community.

  • Partner with OLMC. Be amazed at how our children grow with loving guidance, values, and rich traditions of Catholic education
  • Thrive in OLMC. Witness your children gain confidence, mature, build lasting friendships, and support each other.  
  • Succeed with OLMC. Be proud of how your children show their love for learning and value academic rigor and excellence.
  • Serve with OLMC. Delight in your children’s drive to make a difference by joining the Teen Youth Service and supporting OLMC’s Medical Missions.

Reflecting how Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy and Church made a huge difference in our families, it is befitting and truly rewarding to continue to build, support and strengthen OLMC for you, our next generation of OLMC families. Welcome to the vibrant and amazing Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy and Church Vincent Ty, School Advisory Board Member,  Medical Mission Volunteer, Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OLMC) stands out as an example of tradition and excellence. As proud parents of a fourth and second-grader and an alumna, my return to OLMC was more than just a homecoming; it was a rediscovery of a school that has remained notable for its enduring values and unwavering commitment to holistic education.

Aside from nostalgia as an alumna, what drew me back to OLMC was the institution’s strong sense of community. OLMC remains a haven where community is more than just a buzzword, but a living, breathing thing. It’s a place where bonds are formed, friendships are nurtured, and a shared commitment to developing young minds is palpable.

The heartbeat of OLMC is not only its rich history, but also the dedicated teachers, staff, and administration who serve as the institution’s backbone. It is a testament to their unwavering commitment that the caring ethos remains the hallmark of this prestigious institution. The educators here do more than just impart knowledge; they weave a tapestry of wisdom, empathy, and encouragement that shapes not only our children’s academic abilities but also their very character.

The variety of extracurricular activities available has given our children the opportunity to pursue their interests and discover new talents. As I’ve watched my children navigate the halls of OLMC, I’ve seen firsthand the tangible impact of an education that prioritizes who a child becomes over what they know. As parents, we may seek an environment that goes beyond textbooks and exams, where our children can develop into compassionate, resilient, and responsible individuals. Because the world needs compassionate hearts as well as educated minds. Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is a place where education meets character, and every student is encouraged to reach their full potential.  Thank you, OLMC, for being a positive force in our journey. Diana Valencia, Parent – Grades 4 and 2, Advisory Board Member

With immense gratitude, we are happy to share our daughter Anaya’s journey at OLMC. She started here in 2nd grade & currently is in 6th grade.  We are very happy and satisfied with her academic growth & the well rounded education that  OLMC has given her.  This School does a fabulous job incorporating extra curricular activities which includes sports, art, music, theater, technology, community service….thus by giving our daughter and other students a chance to develop their overall skill sets.  Working on collaborative projects like STEM fair has helped her build confidence, develop her leadership skills & be disciplined. 

Teachers at OLMC & the faculty members are very loving and most importantly totally dedicated as they go above & beyond to make sure the right processes are done to ensure the overall growth of students. We are very happy and blessed to have Anaya be a part of OLMC family and really appreciate the efforts & hard work of all the faculty members . Thanking You! Bhavini Parikh and Samir Parikh, Parents, Grade 6

Our girls have been attending the Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel for the last 4 years. They are in a nurturing environment with great teachers who reinforce the principles of good behavior, discipline, forgiveness sharing, and volunteering. We are grateful to be part of the Warrior family. Kashyap Family, Parents Grades 4 and 6

We’re very thankful for OLMC.  Our son was having trouble in another school and we wanted a better educational environment.  Upon entering OLMC he improved tremendously.  Our son was immediately accepted by the other students, and he became involved in sports and student government. We found OLMC nurtures the student in addition to providing a great education.  I cannot say enough good things about this school, and  I can truly say it was worth every penny, maybe the best investment ever. Thank you OLMC!  Happy Parents, Grade 8

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, OLMC, has been a place of significant intellectual and personal growth for our son. True to their philosophy and mission statement. The small classroom setting has allowed my son to receive personalized instruction, which is critical to an excellent education. The teachers are engaging, caring, and highly skilled in their respective fields. Rather than demand, they promote excellence from the students. All children are capable of excelling with the proper structure and environment. 

In addition to academics, OLMC also has a broad selection of extracurricular activities which includes social and athletic clubs for the students. It is a pleasure to call the school office and hear Mrs. Walsh’s warm and inviting voice. No questions are too basic or complex. 

 OLMC exemplifies true ministry. The passion and love they show, not just towards my son but every student, gives me great comfort as a parent. I will forever be grateful for the community at OLMC that has embraced us unconditionally. Grateful Parents, Grade 8