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Safe Environment Training

Protecting God’s Children is a mandatory training program for all adult Church/Academy employees and volunteers who work with minors. “Working with minors” is defined as having direct, usual or frequent contact, or whose duties permit them to come into physical contact, with minors. It is a program concerning sexual abuse, the means for creating a safe environment for children, and how to respond to a suspected case of child abuse.

New employees and volunteers must complete the Protecting God’s Children program within one month of commencing service. Parishioners, parents and other interested persons are also welcome to attend these sessions.

The following must be done for all adults who have direct contact with children:

1. Volunteers and employees complete an application which is kept on file.

2. Volunteers and employees have a signed Code of Conduct on file.

3. All volunteers and employees must have a background check done. Sign the Disclosure and Authorization form to authorize the screening. A letter is sent to indicate the individual passed the screening.

4. Protecting God’s Children certificate is on file in the Academy or church.

The list of Protecting God’s Children scheduled workshops can be found on the Archdiocesan web page:

Pre-registration is necessary to attend a workshop. For more information, please contact Sr. Regina Chassar at 201-871-4662 or

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