Theatre Arts

The Odyssey Theatre at OLMC is a fully functional and operational theatre run by students. Every season the theatre hosts several speaking events as well as a full theater season including a talent show, a fall drama, a winter comedy and a spring play.

This year’s fall drama and the inaugural production of this year’s theater season, “The Unseen World” is Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol. Check out the cast below and save the dates of November 22nd and 24th for what promises to be a bold new take on a beloved tale.

All actors should know that there is a play within a play, so they will be playing an additional character as well as the ones listed below. All parts are gender neutral and will be played as the gender of the actor. First rehearsals are Thursday, September 19th and Friday, September 20, 2019 3-5pm in the Odyssey Theatre.


(in order of appearance)

Narrator- Gianna Sidoti

Bob Cratchit- Jack Canaveral

Scrooge- Eva Bayersdorfer

Businessman One- Lauren Kim

Businessman Two- Lara Kraus

Marley’s Ghost / Man 2- Alexis Zetrenne

1stSpirit / Martha / Clara- Emma Albericci

Fred – Leyla Ziemea

Young Scrooge / 3rd Spirit- Mina Kim

Fan / Young Lady / Belinda- Sophia Cilano

Fezziwig- Alexander Georgiou

Mrs. Fezziwig / Mrs. Dilber- Gabby Ross

Dick Wilkins / William / Ignorance- Sebastian Echeverry

Belle / Bess- Katie Jeong

2ndSpirit- Gianna Castaldo

Mrs. Cratchit – Ava Wallach

Maid- Isabela Hur

Peter / Errand Boy- Aiden Charles

Alice / Want- Cara Ko

Tiny Tim- Giana Henao

Topper- Chloe Lee

Man 3- Emily Rizzo

Undertaker / Man 1- Christina Hur

Old Joe- Kayla Lee

We are proud to announce the eighth consecutive theatrical season! Announcing the 2019-2020 Odyssey Theatre Season, “The Unseen World.”

Announcing the Main Stage Shows…

“The Unseen World: The 2019-2020 Season”

The Fall Drama

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

The Christmas Concert

The Winter Comedy

Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost

The Spring Revel

Brother Grimms’ Fairy Tales

The Talent Show

The Whitefriars Shakespeare Club

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar


  • Annual Talent Show

    Annual Student Directed Show

  • Discounted Tickets to Shows

    Trips To Some Of The Area's Best Arts Programming

  • Award Winning Theater Troupe

    Whitefriars Shakespeare Travel Club

  • Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

    Join us as we begin the Christmas Season a little early this year in this bold, new staging of the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. After their visits, Scrooge is transformed into a kinder, gentler man.

  • Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghosts

    The house the Otis Family just bought is haunted by a local ghost but who exactly is haunting who in the updated, modernized and hilarious new version of the classic Oscar Wilde short story. All the ghost needs is some peace and quiet so his hidden story can be told!

  • The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

    OLMC celebrates over 200 years of the famous Fairy Tales written by The Brothers Grimm. In this new staging we hear from some famous characters like Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel and some not so famous characters as we celebrate Spring in the Odyssey Theatre!

"Sing in me O heavenly muse, and through me, tell the story..."
- Homer, The Odyssey