We love our school!  Yes, we love our school!  That’s our battle cry as we drop off our children to school or get them ready for the day’s distance learning at home this year 2020-2021.  We love OLMC and we are willing to shore up its weaknesses, harness its strengths, and pray for it so that our children flourish academically, spiritually, physically and socially.  Along the way, we as parents of OLMC school children learn to nurture their school environment.  For it is true, that our environments, be it at home or the workplace, do not flourish out of nothing.  The Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is second home to our children and being parents dreaming great men and women out of them, we naturally want a hand in navigating the ship to its best sail.


The 2020-2021 OLMC-PG Executive Board welcomes more voices, more hands, and more thoughts throughout the school year.  We will have fun as we create the best environment for our children.  This year’s Parents Guild programs have been slated into the school website-calendar.  This schedule is updated regularly. Please mark your calendars for our monthly PG meetings which we will hold in the school cafeteria and via Zoom.  Email us if you would like to attend via Zoom each month at

Let’s go Warriors and meet the year’s exciting challenges.  God bless us all with happiness, good health, and His protection.

Look through our programs up and running.  We will post more events throughout the school year.