Of the many special things the Academy of Our Lady of Mount Carmel has to offer is how many opportunities parents have to get involved in their child’s educational and social experience. Whether you’re a full-time working parent or not, OLMC has a wide array of amazing moms and dads in its community. In this monthly series, Parent Profiles, we’re getting to know some of our all-star Warrior parents to learn a little about them and maybe inspire you to get involved! This month Jorge Hernandez reflects back at his family’s time at OLMC as his youngest son graduates.

What years did your children graduate from OLMC?

We have three children. Amanda graduated in 2013, Daniella graduated in 2016 and our youngest, Alejandro, graduated this year, 2018.

What is your profession outside of OLMC?

I am an attorney with my own firm located in Elizabeth and North Bergen, NJ. My practice involves representing injured workers which I have undertaken for about 25 years.

You are concluding your journey as a parent of a current student, so I guess the simple question is, “Why OLMC?”

OLMC is a vibrant and very caring community from the principal, Miss Koval, to all the teachers, to the extra curricular activities, especially the theatre program run by Mr. G., Ms. Conover and Mrs. Knowles in the school office, to the lunch ladies and Mr. Colby.  Everyone is always greeted with a sincere smile and all of our children always felt welcome.  The Catholic education is an important component and having the children reminded on a daily basis of our Catholic values and morals was an important factor in choosing OLMC.  

What are some interesting stories or fond memories of your time at OLMC?

Our fondest memories would revolve around each of the children’s graduations as we witnessed the culmination of eight years of hard work with the support of the school teachers and staff.  Attending the graduation Mass and the ceremony and watching the children walk down the aisle of the Church as graduates holds a very special place in our hearts and minds.  As each of our children graduated, we re-lived our prior child’s ceremony in the same exact place.  We are thankful and feel so very blessed to have such wonderful memories for each of them in the school and Church that we hold so dear to our hearts.

What do you say to newly arriving parents or to those who are considering OLMC?

We would suggest to the parents who are considering OLMC to please give it every opportunity possible.  The school is truly a hidden gem that is welcoming and supportive to all families.  If parents are searching for a home away from home with a caring community for their children, OLMC is definitely the place to be.