Hello OLMC Family,

The Yearbook Committee needs your help…

  1. Purchase your yearbook for the 2020-2021 school year.

Visit: https://www.yearbookordercenter.com/ and enter the school code #21237.

Price: $65.00 with name imprint or $55.00 without name imprint.

Deadline extended: April 16th!

  1. Purchase a student ad for the yearbook.

Visit: https://www.yearbookordercenter.com/, enter the student code  #21237, and then click start your ad.  You can create your ad directly through the site or upload one that you made on another platform.

Prices: Full page – $100.00; Half page – $60.00; Quarter page – $35.00

Deadline: April 1st


  1. Send in pictures to be added to the yearbook.

Visit: http://hjeshare.com/eShare/index.html and enter the school code: warriors2021.

  • Locate the picture (file) you want to upload.  Click on the filename to select it, click open.
  • To upload more than one file, Ctrl-click on each filename.  You can upload 10 files at a time.
  • Click each thumbnail to select it and enter the information about all images.  Be sure to enter a tag that describes the picture(s).
  • Click Submit Image Information when you are done.

We are looking for kinds of pictures.  Some ideas are:

First day of school

Holidays – Name the holiday in your description



Theme School Days

Casual Carmel


OLMC students with pets


Helping hands


The deadline for all of the above is April 1st.  The yearbook is a great way to remember the school year.  It is also a fundraiser for our school.

Please consider helping out the yearbook committee.


Thank you,

Nicole Castaldo & Laura Cilana