Dear Parents and Guardians,

This is a brief reminder of the Archdiocesan policy for Protecting God’s Children. All adults who have contact with the students in various positions   are required to attend the Protecting God’s Children workshop.

This workshop is held at various times and places. The list of all workshops can be found on the Archdiocese website ( under Safe Environment. If this is your first year as a volunteer you must attend this workshop.

There is a re-certification workshop that is required for volunteers every five years. If you attended e.g. the Protecting Workshop in 2013 you are due for re-certification in 2018. The re-certification workshop is entitled “Keeping the Promise Alive” Registration for this workshop is done through me.

The workshops being held at Mount Carmel are:

Protecting God’s Children- September 20th at 7 pm

You can register online at:


Keeping the Promise Alive- September 27th at 7 pm


Please let me know if you are attending and I will pass information to Karen Clark who does the registration. She needs name and email address.

Sister Regina M. Chassar, ssj

Safe Environment Coordinator