Spirit Week

May 16-20, 2022 is Spirit Week!
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May 16-20,2022 is OLMC’s Spirit Week! Students and staff dress up on our theme days, check out the schedule below and show your spirit! Check out the schedule below!

Monday: Zoom day

Tuesday: Choose-Your-Clor Day (Monochromatic Day)- Bake Sale- All bake goods will be $.50-$1.00.

Wednesday: Decades Day

Thursday: Character/Hero Day

Friday: Blue and Gold Day


Zoom Day

Monday, May 16 is Zoom day. Dress up like you’re in a zoom lesson! With virtual school we all wore fancy tops and pajama pants with nobody ever noticing. Bring those crazy outfits to real life on this special day! Don’t have or want to wear pj pants then wear sweatpants with a nice top.

Monochromatic Day

Tuesday, May 17 is Monochromatic day. Pick your favorite color and base your entire outfit off of that! Whether it be pink, green, blue, black, or any color of your choice, make sure that your shirt, pants, and shoes are all according. If you don’t  have matchy matchy, just wear your favorite color T-shirt.

Decades Day

Wednesday, May 18 is Decades day. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a student in the 80s? Well, today is your lucky day. Pick a decade, any decade, and dress like you’re living in that year! We’re looking forward to seeing the fringes and neon shirts!

Character/Hero Day

Thursday, May 19 is Character/Hero day. Dress up like your favorite character or hero whether it be Katniss Everdeen or Mrs. Essman! Make sure to keep things appropriate (no weapons or gore) and fun! Remember, you can dress up as your favorite superteachers, too!

Blue and Gold Day

Friday, May 20 is blue and gold day! Show your school spirit and dress up in OLMC’s fantastic colors! Go Warriors!


YOU MAY WEAR SCHOOL GYM SHORTS – NO OTHER KIND OF SHORTS ACCEPTED AND  NO MIDRIFF SHIRTS. If you do not wish to participate in Spirit week, you must wear your school uniform for that day. Join in the fun of Spirit Week!     

The Student Council Thanks You.

  • Event Type

    Community Event
  • Date

    May 16 - May 20
  • Location

    OLMC Academy
    10 County Road
    Tenafly, NJ 07670