How to Join the Program and Purchase Gift Cards

Scrips has 700 companies participating in the program! Different brands provide different rebates to our fundraising program! You just shop as you always do using Scrips!

1. Send an email to with your child/children’s name/s and grade/s and ask for the current enrollment code.  You will immediately receive an email with an active code to use.
Use this code to enroll in https://shop.shopwithscrip

2. Fill in your information. It is important that you identify your child’s grade and name. Your rebate earnings from gift card purchases will help meet the required $125 total rebate per OLMC family.

(This part is very important, otherwise, you won’t get the rewards/credit if you and/or your family/friends don’t input your child’s name and grade)

3. If your friends and family are signing up to buy gift cards, please tell them to put your child’s name and grade to credit their rebate earnings to his/her name.


4. Set up your payment option by inputting your ACH# or credit card information:

  • ACH payment works like PayPal, checks or debit payments. It has a lower charge. To set up, input your bank routing and account # during your registration. This has a flat rate charge per transaction of $.015 (no minimum, no limit).
  • Credit card: input your credit card info. Charge per transaction is 2.6% of your purchase.

What type of gift cards you can buy:

Physical gift cards: Gift cards purchased are bulked together and mailed to OLMC-PG every first and third Monday of the month. OLMC- PG will be charged a shipping cost of $8.50 per shipment. We will send your gift card orders through your child or in cases of school closure, schedule a pick-up from school.

Important note: these gift cards are re-loadable. For example, if you are gifting a card to grandma and would click for her to continue using it, you can reload it via Scrips. Keep barcode and pin numbers handy for cases like this.

B. Digital gift cards -will appear in your smart phone Scrips app and are ready to use for online or store purchases. At purchase, barcodes or QR codes are scanned by stores or entered in on-line purchase. They are re- loadable.

C. Emailed gift cards – barcodes or QR codes are emailed to you and are ready to use. These are NOT reloadable.