Teacher's Message

Welcome to MakerSpace

WHAT’S the BEST NATION?…DONATION!!! If you have Lego/Duplo that you want to dispose of, please consider donating to Makerspace. Imagine no more stepping on them or vacuuming them up. There is always a need for things, so feel free to reach out to see if we at OLMC can reuse items.


Our students have the opportunity to combine practical skills with creative thinking. The students will work on a wide area of technology skills including Digital Literacy, & Citizenship, Keyboarding, 3D Printing, Internet research, document formatting, presentation skills, and spreadsheet applications. We recognize the fact that the Internet, while providing numerous learning opportunities to our students, also poses many dangers. Therefore, Internet safety, both in school and at home, is emphasized throughout the computer curriculum. Please monitor your child’s phones, computers and accounts to be aware of what is happening in their lives and how they are contributing or being impacted by online activities.