Teacher's Message

My class combines practical skills with creative thinking.  I also speak with students about proper ways to take notes and do research. There are several online tools students use and it is important they are using them properly. We DO NOT encourage copy and pasting, nor do we allow students to use ChatGPT. Though we believe our students are honest, sometimes plagiarism happen, I try to help them avoid that.

I recognize the internet, while providing numerous learning opportunities to our students, also poses many dangers. Therefore, internet safety, both in school and at home, is emphasized. Please monitor your child’s phones, computers and accounts to be aware of what is happening in their lives and how they are contributing or being impacted by online activities. The age for social media is 13, be sure your child is mature and responsible enough to handle the responsibility.

Please see the attached Username and Password practice page, you can write your students email and password on it and have them keep at home and one for home. If students in grade 1 to 3 forget their password, an email will be sent so you can reset it with them and then send them with it next class.