Teacher's Message

Welcome to MakerSpace.

Our students have the opportunity to combine practical skills with creative thinking. The students will work on a wide area of technology skills including Digital Literacy, & Citizenship, Keyboarding, 3D Printing, Internet research, document formatting, presentation skills, and spreadsheet applications. We recognize the fact that the Internet, while providing numerous learning opportunities to our students, also poses many dangers. Therefore, Internet safety, both in school and at home, is emphasized throughout the computer curriculum.

In 2022 lets show each other some GRACE. It’s a PANDEMIC, GRACE should be a given! Please wear your masks, wash your hands, stay socially distant when possible.

Relax, enjoy learning on technology, but also relax using technology.

MAP GROWTH TESTING WILL BEGIN 1/18/22! Please be sure your devices are up to date and ready for test day. Visit test.mapnwea.org We will do the testing IN SCHOOL, but students who use their own devices and NOT a school laptop need to verify they are ready to test. Remove Popup blockers, update browsers etc.

We will continue to learn about Digital Literacy, Citizenship, Coding, and Word Processing. We will do more 3D designing in grades 4-8, and all students will work on typing skills. There is so much more we will cover and learn in the very fast moving 2nd 1/2 of the year.

100th Day of school is approaching; Catholic Schools Week is 1/30 and many more fun things to look forward to.