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“For the love of the Spanish language…”


Over the next few days we are making adjustments to PowerSchool and your accounts may be glitchy. We ask you to please be patient during this time.



Congratulations to the Class of 2020!






Parents are encouraged to email any questions, issues or concerns to : spanish@nullacademyolmc.org



Please submit your usernames on Quizlet if you have not done so yet.


1st- 2nd – 3rd Grade

Check your Google classroom to have access to your assignments. New material will be posted and it needs to be submitted on GC.

** All assignments are posted on Google Classroom should be submitted by 6pm unless instructed differently.

Please read the instructions carefully and if necessary twice as I have received incomplete work that will affect your grades.


** If you are unable to get online at these times, you will still have access to the assignments and you are expected to show your assignment progress (picture) posted on Google Classroom by 6pm on your assigned days. Failure to do so will affect the grade the you will get for its completion.


All study material is posted on Google Classroom. You can practice on Quizlet. Please make sure to know grammatical rules. (Artículos, its classes, sustantivos, plural of sustantivos/adjetivos, pronombre personales, verbos SER & ESTAR, adjetivos, Verbos Regulares -AR, -ER & -IR).

If you need extra help please send me an email.




Check back soon for new Assignments!