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“For the love of the Spanish language…


All Grades: Check Google Classroom for assignments.


Make sure to join my Google Classroom, Quizlet and iXL Spanish


My email address is vmezieres@nullacademyolmc.org

(Please include your child’s Name and grade in every email)


6,7,8:  Each grade provides the opportunity to expand the vocabulary that has been learned in prior grades and get more comfortable communicating utilizing the grammatical rules that will be taught and reviewed.

4,5:  Students are encouraged to review and learn new words specially their correct spelling. Conversations are used as a means to build  confidence to communicate in Spanish.

1,2,3: Students start working on writing vocabulary that they have been presented during early Childhood and progressively identify the words with their correct spelling.

PreK3, PreK4, K: Basic Vocabulary is being introduced though songs and fun activities.


Reminder: 6th thru  8th Grade

Check this page  and your Google Classroom for important dates and information.

Check back soon for new Assignments!