Teacher's Message

Grade 6: World History

Students will study Ancient Cultures beginning with early humans and moving towards Egypt, Rome, Greece and others. Students will also learn about current events through our monthly Junior Scholastic Magazines.

Grade 7: US History-Early Migration to the Civil War.

Students will be given a brief overview of North American history. Students are expected the follow the textbook.

Grade 8: US History

To prepare students for high school, I will not be following the textbook in a linear fashion but rather I will select various topics within US History. Example: We may discuss the wars of the 20th Century as a complete unit rather than begin with Post Civil War and end with present day.

Grade 7 and 8 The American Journey Textbook: Please see the first page of the textbook to access the online content. Students are expected to log in and complete the online assignment. Please be sure to enter my email correctly otherwise I will not receive your completed online assignment.