Teacher's Message

Hi parents! This week and next will be review weeks for our class. We will be going over all of the letters that we have learned so far as well as our numbers and shapes. We have been learning all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in class and will continue to talk about him in the coming weeks. Next week is Catholic Schools week! It will begin on Sunday the 26th at the 10am mass. If you are able to join us at church we would love it! The week will be filled with fun events for the whole school! We are very excited to show off our school and work!

As of January we no longer have access to the IXL program.

Please use Starfall and the Learning with out tears apps. They are both wonderful programs that are free but also have paid options.

The weather has gotten very cold and we sing about it every day! Ask me to sing my weather and season songs for you at home!


Please read for 10-2o minutes EACH DAY!

Please also practice writing your name and saying the Hail Mary and Our Father.



For rest time the children are allowed to have a small receiving size blanket. PLEASE NO PILLOWCASES, SLEEPING BAGS, PILLOWS OR TOYS.

Toys from home MUST stay home. We have this rule in place so no one fights over toys from home as well as so nothing gets lost. If a toy does come to school I will hold onto it till our parent teacher conference.

Please see below for my important information letters!


Thank you so much!!

Ms. Cornetta


Prek-4 teachers

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