Teacher's Message

February Fun in Pre K 3 !


Mrs. Clifford – 2018


It was a loving month for us!




made Olympic medals out of fruit loops…talked about all the winter sports at the Olympics and colored pictures of all the different events…worked on patterning on the flannel board and then made a Valentine wreath for our parents…did a religion worksheet on treating people with love…talked about winter animals who really have hearts on them…sang songs about the groundhog, snow and Valentine’s Day…saw and sang with a McDonalds sponsored group who did songs for Black History Month…went to Church and received ashes on Ash Wednesday…had a fun Valentine’s Day party- thanks to R.J. and Reese’s mom …talked about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln then colored a picture of a dollar bill and a penny…enjoyed our Winter recess but we were happy to see each other when we came back to school…talked about making good choices during Lent like listening to and being nicer to each other…made lions for March…a farmer came and delivered twelve eggs that are in an incubator and hopefully twelve orange and yellow chicks will be born…working on Handwriting Without Tears…went to First Friday Mass and Mrs. Clifford was so pleased that we behaved well during mass…had our throats blessed for St. Blasé Day …worked on teeth brushing after a visiting dentist spoke to us and gave us a package with supplies to keep our teeth clean…we learned about all different animals and their teeth…we went outside and played on the playground on a warm day…


It was a loving month for us!




Mrs. Clifford                                                               Mrs. Brennan




Sienna     Michelle     Aylin     Henie


Celeste     Milan     Ariel     Martin


Tai     Reese     R.J.     Nicholas


Olivia     Chase     Jamison