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May Flowers and June Goodbyes!!!!!

Pre K 3

Mrs. Clifford 2017


Pre K 3 at O.L.M.C.

A Time For New Beginnings

2017 Mrs. Clifford




met all of our teachers and each other and made new friends…are learning to wait our turn, share and follow directions…had a fun birthday party for Sienna- thank you Sienna’s mom! We had fun…played on the playground with our pre k 4 friends…are busy learning the Pledge of Allegiance, our morning prayers, snack and afternoon prayers…days of the week, counting, letter A…all about fall…our months , dressing the weather man for the weather …went to Spanish, music, Phys. Ed., Carmel Cares, tech, and met all our new teachers…met our 5th grade reading buddies and they read books to us and then we did the I pads…colored apples to show that God made us all different but special…did our Weekly Reader about being nice to each other in school…went to Church to practice for going to Mass…Mrs. Brennan- our class aide- had her knee replaced and will be out for a few weeks but we are lucky to have another Mrs. B. helping us…did a yearbook picture…drew a picture of ourselves for a religion paper about I Am Special- sang fall and Halloween songs, made “stained glass” leaves out of tissue paper talked about fall changes and compared to a summer poster with the same poster but in the fall season …made mosaic fall trees…

It was a learning month for us!


Mrs. Clifford                 Mrs. B.



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