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A February Filled With Love!


Pre K 3 Mrs. Clifford – 2019


It was a loving month for us!




celebrated Black History Month with the McDonalds Singers who sang us songs by black artists…Leo even danced on the stage with the performers!…used our smart board and learned about patterning and made Valentine wreaths out of pink and red hearts for our parents…enjoyed a snow day … had a fun Valentine’s Day party- thank you class moms! … sang songs about the groundhogs and talked about winter animals like bears and polar bears… practiced our letters in our Handwriting Without Tears book…talked about why we like school and Mrs. C. wrote them on a football and made a football field for the bulletin board…made a Lincoln log cabin using craft sticks and different shapes and a thumb print George Washington cherry tree …did our Weekly Reader , Clifford booklets and religion papers about being kind and loving each other…thank you Ulysses’ dad for reading to us…went to Computers, Spanish, Art, Reading Buddies, Physical Education, and Carmel Cares…missed each other during our Winter Break… talked about the correct way to brush our teeth…made lions for “March Roars in like a Lion”…



It was another learning and fun month for us!


Mrs. Clifford                                                                      Mrs. Brennan




Leo     Jackson     Sophia     Ella     Victoria     Matthew     Ulysses



Joshua     Drea     Tenniel     Giovanni     Isaiah     Tai