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May Flowers and June Goodbyes!!!!!

Pre K 3

Mrs. Clifford 2017

It was so busy for us !   We……

…went to the Book Fair and picked out books we liked, thank you moms for the books you bought for our classroom!…played outside …watched our caterpillars get larger , turn into chrysalis and become butterflies- we loved it!…thanks Wally’s mom for the munchkins…painted our Mother’s Day memory boxes, colored a nice picture and made a book for our moms…worked on a book on what to wear in different types of weather…played outside with our Pre K 4 friends…worked on our yearbook pictures…watched a movie about the signs of spring…had a great “ Mommy and Me in Pre K 3”hour with our moms- we sang songs, greeted our moms and escorted them to their seats, talked about why we love them, gave our moms memory boxes that match a poem and a book about the Top 10 Reasons why we love them and then we served our moms cookies and punch – it was a morning full of love…made an owl out of the letter O, paint brush and paint can out of the letter P and a quilt out of the letter Q…worked on beginning sounds and what letter different pictures started with…brought in and packed birthday bags for the Office of Concern…did a great job during our” lock down” drill…did a Clifford booklet about caterpillars…enjoyed watching and touching our butterflies and we said a prayer before releasing them into the sky… we were sad to see them leave!!…went to mass on Ascension Thursday and First Friday…talked a lot about making good choices during religion…had a fun party for Christian’s birthday!…we enjoyed all of the food and the great goody bags! . .thank you Christian’s mom!…worked on a Weekly Reader about saying goodbye to each other for the summer but we are looking forward to “Our Months in Pre K 3 Graduation “

Happy Summer!

Mrs. Clifford         Mrs. Brennan

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