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May Flowers and June Goodbyes!


Mrs. Clifford





…went to Church with our school…made special Mothers’ Day gifts, cards and a video…played outside….had “Mommy and Me in Pre K 3”- we greeted our moms, sang songs, showed the video about why we love them, gave our moms the presents and cards we had made and served them cookies and punch- we love our moms! … made “golf ball” painted kites and spring flowers…watched our little caterpillars turn into painted ladies butterflies- we fed them watermelon, oranges and a peach brought in by the class…we were sad to see them leave…sang “ Here Comes the Sun” in the spring concert and we were Great!…had Spanish, Phys. Ed., Reading Buddies, Performing Arts, Computers, O.T. for the last time this school year…celebrated Matthew and Tenniel’s birthdays…worked on the Smart Board and the Handwriting Without Tears book…received certificates for doing an awesome job being class leaders and for Show and Tell Days…practiced and practiced for our Graduation- we are going to miss each other!


Happy   Summer!


Mrs. Clifford         Mrs. Brennan


Jackson     Ella     Leo


Ulysses     Joshua     Drea


Tenniel     Victoria     Giovanni


Sophia     Isaiah     Matthew     Tai