Teacher's Message

I’m  looking forward to a musical trimester!  We will be exploring music through many different mediums.  We’ll be busy singing, composing, playing the guitar, recorder, handbells, hand chimes and xylophones.

The curriculum for Pre K-3 and Pre K-4 will focus on exploration of instruments and singing. Kindergarteners will explore program music and learn about different instruments by studying “The Carnival of the Animals” by Saint-Saens. First and second graders will study music from the Classical period using handbells and xylophones. The third and fourth graders will be enrolled in “Recorder Karate”. We will work hard toward getting our Black Belt! Fifth grade curriculum focuses on exploration of Baroque music through playing hand chimes. The sixth graders will play the guitar and learn the 12-bar blues chords. We’re really going to focus on note reading and history of notation in seventh grade music. Finally, the eighth grade curriculum will focus on storytelling and music through the study of “The Phantom of the Opera” All grades will have opportunities for improvisation and composition. The trimester will end with a school-wide performance for friends and family during the Christmas season.

Let’s fill the Academy with music!