Teacher's Message

Welcome to 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Reading and Language Arts at OLMC with Miss Koval!

Reading a variety of genres opens up your world to a vast array of adventures that you might not otherwise experience; it whets your appetite for exploration and travel, for identity and understanding, for growth and development.
ELA and it’s many facets…language, grammar, expression, both written and oral…enhances interaction with one another and with the world at large.
Come READ with me!
Come SPEAK with me!
Come WRITE with me!
Adventures await!

All homework assignments will be announced in class and posted to Google Classroom. All students should check out Google Classroom daily.



  • Comprehension~20%
  • Skills~20%
  • Vocabulary~20%
  • Oral Reading~10%
  • Homework~10%
  • Class Participation~10%
  • T3 Exam~10%

Language Arts:

  • Written Communication~20%
  • Grammar~20%
  • Spelling~20%
  • Homework~15%
  • Class Participation~15%
  • T3 Exam~10%

Regular Vocabulary/Spelling:

Students SHOULD actively participate in individual study sessions using www.vocabtest.com and www.vocabularyworkshop.com.  The weekly tests will be given testing the following: Spelling, Definitions, Parts of Speech, Pronunciation (Stress Marks), Synonyms, and Antonyms.  Not only do they need to know these, but need to be able to use them and understand them in context.  

  • Monday: Define all Words in Vocabulary Notebook
  • Tuesday: Choosing the Right Word & Synonyms (in VW)
  • Wednesday: Antonyms & Completing the Sentence (in VW)
  • Thursday: Writing in Action (Choose 1 to Respond to in Google Classroom) & Vocab in Context… STUDY FOR VOCABULARY/SPELLING TESTS!
  • Friday: No Homework

I am looking forward to a fantastic Trimester with you.

God Bless!