Teacher's Message


Recess & Lunch: (11:25-12:15)*

SCIENCE LAB (10:30-11)

SPANISH (1:30-2:10)*

CARMEL CARES (9:00-9:45)*

MAKER SPACE (1:30-2:10)

ARTS (9:00-9:45)*

SKILLS/ DRILLS (1:30-2:10)

PHYS ED/HEALTH (8:15-9:00)*

TECHNOLOGY (1:30-2:10)*

SPANISH (12:50-1:30)

PHYS ED/HEALTH (1:30-2:10)


If your child attends AfterCare on a half day, they will need to bring lunch.

Snack is needed everyday.  Please see the Safe Snack Guide on the bottom of the page under “Links” (pg.10-22).

Please do not send anything with cherries or nuts!!!


Sight Words List: I, a, the, is, in, can, it, see, go, at, we, to, and, of, am, are, for, you, on, all, they, like, look, he, said, by, not, that, her, his, will, me, was, with

Letter of the Week: Nn

Sight Words of the Week 1/14-1/18: my, do, up

Sight Word Test on February 1st: me, was, with, my, do, up, him, down, yes, be, as, or