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Recess & Lunch: (11:25-12:15)*

SCIENCE LAB (10:30-11)

SPANISH (1:30-2:10)*


MAKER SPACE (1:30-2:10)

ARTS (9:00-9:45)*

SKILLS/ DRILLS (1:30-2:10)

PHYS ED/HEALTH (8:15-9:00)*

TECHNOLOGY (1:30-2:10)*

SPANISH (12:50-1:30)

PHYS ED/HEALTH (1:30-2:10)


If your child attends AfterCare on a half day, they will need to bring lunch.

Snack is needed everyday.  Please see the Safe Snack Guide on the bottom of the page under “Links” (pg.10-22).

Please do not send anything with cherries or nuts!!!


Sight Words List: I, a, the, is, in, can, it, see, go, at, we, to, and, of, am, are, for, you, on, all, they, like, look, he, said, by, not, that, her, his, will, me, was, with, him, down, yes, be, as, or, its, but, has, who, now, come, from, get, into, some, how, then, had, find


Below you will find the words we are working on throughout the month of April. The students will have an assessment on the new words on Friday, May 3rd.

Week 2: (April 8th-12th):

Were Your

Week 3: (April 15th-19th):

Than Have

Week 4: (April 22nd-26th): SPRING BREAK

Review: how, its, now, was

Week 5:: (April 29th-May 3rd)