Teacher's Message


Snack – Students will be given 15 minutes for snack everyday.  This will be during the morning part of our day. Please send in a drink and one snack.


– Half Days end at 11:45am

– Full Days end at 2:45pm

– There will be NO Aftercare on half days before a holiday


    • Dress shoes should be worn everyday
    • On gym days students need to wear sneakers
    • Students need to wear formal uniforms for church on selected days




  • Please let the Nurse know if your child has any allergies
  • Please NO NUTS or KIWI for snack or lunch


Reading for a Casual Carmel Day

During the year it is important to keep up on your child’s reading.  Getting a head start, looking at text, and connecting words to pictures will improve their reading this year.  To receive a free Casual Carmel Day, fill out your reading logs each month.


If your child attends AfterCare on a half day, they will need to bring lunch.

Snack is needed everyday.  Please see the Safe Snack Guide on the bottom of the page under “Resources” (pg.10-22).


Sight Words List 2019-2020: I, a, the, is, in, can, it, see, go, at, we, to, and, of, am, are, for, you, on, all, they, like, look, he, said, by, not, that, her, his, will, me, was, with, him, down, yes, be, as, or, its, but, has, who, now, come, from, get, into, some, how, then, had, find, were, your, than, have, how, its, now, was, way


Reading Homework: Please read the paper books sent home and complete the reading packet by Friday (Reading A-Z)

Math Homework Due Daily