Teacher's Message

Over the next few days we are making adjustments to PowerSchool and your accounts may be glitchy. We ask you to please be patient during this time.

Snack – Students will be given 15 minutes for snack everyday.  This will be during the morning part of our day. Please send in a drink and one snack.


– Half Days end at 11:45am

– Full Days end at 2:45pm

– There will be NO Aftercare on half days before a holiday


– Lunch is from 11:25am-11:55am

– Recess is from 11:55am-12:20am


    • Dress shoes should be worn everyday
    • On gym days students need to wear sneakers
    • Students need to wear formal uniforms for church on selected days




  • Please let the Nurse know if your child has any allergies
  • Please NO NUTS or KIWI for snack or lunch


Reading for a Casual Carmel Day

During the year it is important to keep up on your child’s reading.  Getting a head start, looking at text, and connecting words to pictures will improve their reading this year.  To receive a free Casual Carmel Day, fill out your reading logs each month.


If your child attends AfterCare on a half day, they will need to bring lunch.

Snack is needed everyday.  Please see the Safe Snack Guide on the bottom of the page under “Resources” (pg.10-22).


Sight Words List 2019-2020: I, a, the, is, in, can, it, see, go, at, we, to, and, of, am, are, for, you, on, all, they, like, look, he, said, by, not, that, her, his, will, me, was, with, him, down, yes, be, as, or, its, but, has, who, now, come, from, get, into, some, how, then, had, find, were, your, than, have, how, its, now, was, way


Daily Steps for March 2020 Closing Dates

Check website or Remind for new assignments

Complete Assignments for that day

Spend 20 minutes on iknowit

Watch at least two videos found on the classroom website

Send a picture completed work via Remind  (THIS WILL COUNT AS ATTENDANCE!!!)

Let me know if your child is struggling with any of the work sent home

Extra work can be completed if needed 

**You will need to return the work assigned, for the days we will have no school, the day we come back.***

Writing Reminders

• Finger spaces

• Start with a capital
• I is always capital when it stands alone

• Make sure you formed your letters correctly (never start from the bottom)

• “e” -hit the ball run around the bases
• “b” -belly is in front
• “d” -dipper is in the back
• g, j, p, q, y -letters that break the rules and fall below the solid line

Finish your sentence with a punctuation

***All document can be found on ClassDojo