Teacher's Message

This year I’m looking forward to educating and getting to know your children, but also helping in their preparation for the  next step at the Academy: Middle School. Your children will experience a variety of educational opportunities, while growing through the challenges ahead. We will have another exciting year in our science lab conducting all of the unique, hands-on investigations, our science curriculum has to offer. Each trimester you can expect one major project that will be completed at home, while other projects will be completed in class throughout cooperative group learning.



What are you thankful for today? Let’s continue try and think of one thing each day in which to be thankful and show our gratitude.  A few reminders for those that are virtual: Please remember to wear your uniforms, only eat during snack and lunch times, try your best to participate, and always do your best!



A look into the week of April 16th….A brief overview of what we will be focusing on in each subject:

Religion…We will discuss solemn agreements and the Covenant with Moses.

ReadingWe will continue our class novel, A Wrinkle in Time, and read chapters 2 and 3 together in class.

Language Arts… We will finish our Women in History final projects based on the research that was done in class. We will also continue our unit on verbs. This week we will have part 2 of our virtual field trip with The Yogi Berra Museum entitled, Poetry and Spoken Word, in honor of National Poetry Month.

MathWe will multiply mixed numbers and have a quiz on Wednesday.

ScienceWe will finalize our paper rollercoaster designs, test them, and have our presentations!

Social StudiesWe will continue Chapter 5 and continue our colonial study.

SELOur SEL activity this week is to complete our Poetry and Spoken Word- “I Am” project for our virtual trip with the Yogi Berra Museum.

There is no school for students on Friday, April 23rd, due to a Teacher Professional Day. Enjoy the day!



Test Schedule:

Week of April 19-23, 2021

Wednesday- Vocabulary

Thursday- Religion

Week of April 26-30, 2021

Wednesday- Language Arts

Thursday- Religion

Friday- Reading



Make sure to always check Google Classroom for any assignments that need to be completed. I often leave comments on assignments and return them for you to check over and resubmit. I enter grades into PowerSchool on Fridays, and please be aware that anything missing by that day is entered as a zero. Once you have completed a missing assignment, your grade can be adjusted but points will be taken off for each day late. Always do your best work and let me know if you need help with any assignments!





Hi parents! Here is the packet that I shared at our Virtual Meet and Greet:

Back to School Night Parent Packet PDF