Teacher's Message

This year I’m looking forward to educating and getting to know your children, but also helping in their preparation for the  next step at the Academy: Middle School. Your children will experience a variety of educational opportunities, while growing through the challenges ahead. We will have another exciting year in our science lab conducting all of the unique, hands-on investigations, our science curriculum has to offer. Each trimester you can expect one major project that will be completed at home, while other projects will be completed in class throughout cooperative group learning.


Hello 5th Grade!! Your assignments for each day will be posted below. Please complete them all on Google Classroom and don’t forget to “turn in” each assignment. Once you start completing assignments, I can mark you “present” for the day. Each assignment must be completed by its own due date. I will be grading your assignments throughout the day and entering into PowerSchool each night. Every morning, we will have a live “Morning meeting” to discuss the day ahead and any questions you have.  This meeting will be around 8:15 am. I will post the “Google Meet” link to our Google Classroom stream and also email you the link. I will go over all of your lessons and assignments during this time. Also, for my Math students, I will be posting a “Google Meet” link during the day to go over our Math lesson, as well. This is going to be a new experience for us all, so do your best! Any questions, please let me know. Miss you all!

Our Google Meets for the week:

Monday– 8:15 Morning Meeting and live Reading class immediately following our meeting.
9:45 Live Math Class for my students.

Tuesday– 8:15 Morning Meeting and live Reading class immediately following our meeting.
10:30 Live Math Class for my students.

Wednesday– 8:15 Morning Meeting
9:00 Live Math Class for my students.

Thursday– 8:15 Morning Meeting and live Reading class immediately following our meeting.

Friday– 8:15 Morning Meeting

Remember, our Google Meetings are to be just like our classroom! Respectful, attentive, and caring. When you sign on, you can say hello and then please mute your microphones. Also, you are not allowed to use the chat feature unless otherwise told. This is a new way of learning for us all, and I want to make sure everyone can hear important information and explanations. Please make sure you are also paying attention, you should not be playing games, doing other schoolwork, etc., during these meetings. 

Please note: All necessary instructions and details are provided within each assignment on Google Classroom. If there is a reading to do or video to watch, I have provided the link for you there. If I have a document created for you to answer questions or write a reaction, please use that same document. Thank you and you are all doing great! 🙂

Please make sure you are also checking Mrs. Essman’s page of the website/Google Classroom for Language Arts, Señora Mezieres page/Google Classroom for Spanish work, and if they are in Mrs. Izzard’s class for math they should check her page as well. Don’t forget to check Specials’ pages and Google Classrooms, too!

I will be available to answer all questions/emails between 8:00am and 3:00pm. Outside of these times, I will try my best to answer any questions you may have!

Over the next few days we are making adjustments to PowerSchool and your accounts may be glitchy. We ask you to please be patient during this time.

We will be participating on First Friday Mass joining St. Therese virtually at their Parish on 4/3/20 at 8:30….more details to follow.



Assignments for Thursday, April 2nd-All work to be completed on Google Classroom and will be posted by 8:00am.

Start your day with some morning kindness. https://family.gonoodle.com/activities/kind-wishes

Don’t forget to log into www.happynumbers.com and use the login information I emailed to each of you.

I will be posting a Google Meet Link in the morning for us to meet “live”!!! Be on the lookout on the Google Classroom stream. Remember not to join the meet until the scheduled time. Students are not allowed on Google Meet/Hangout without their teacher.

All assignments are posted on Google Classroom and are to be completed/submitted there. 

Reading– A Wrinkle in Time Chapter 6- Live Readers Theatre!!!

Religion– Ch. 20 Assessment on Google Classroom.

Math-. More practice with Adding Mixed Numbers. Complete WB p. 98 and write your answers on the Google Doc provided. Remember, if you don’t have your workbook at home to go to https://SadlierConnect.com/@learnfromhomeschool Username: SadlierStudent Password: ReadyToLearn!

Science– “One Crazy Device” Click here https://superscience.scholastic.com/issues/2016-17/030117/one-crazy-device.html#830L and start by watching the slideshow first. Click on “Launch Slideshow” by the picture at the top of this article. Then, watch the “Rube Goldberg Competition” video in this article. Finally, plan and design your own contraption to accomplish an easy task, like flipping a light switch! Use at least three simple machines out of the following six: lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, screw, and pulley. Your plan should show detail and be at least one paragraph long.

Please do not forget to complete any missing assignments! All assignments are graded and grades are entered into PowerSchool each night 🙂

Our Quote, Joke, and Riddle for the Day! Remember, the first 5 to send me the correct response to the riddle will earn 5 extra points on the assignment of your choice for today.

Quote: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ~ Dr. Seuss

Joke: How do you stop an astronaut’s baby from crying? ….You Rocket!!!

Riddle: If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, what are four and five? The first 5 students to email me the correct answer to this riddle will earn 5 extra points on the assignment of their choice for today. After I have announced the winners, if you have won then please comment on the assignment that you would like your 5 points added!









  • Please have your copy of A Wrinkle In Time in class each day.
  • Don’t forget to bring your school assignment pad each day to copy homework and important reminders!
  • If you are going home with someone else at dismissal, I will need an email from parent/guardian.
  • Gym uniforms are to be worn on Monday and Friday.
  • Time to refill supplies! Please make sure to have erasable pens, pencils, and paper!
  • Be careful of lateness…3 lates will result in a recess detention.


Congratulations to our Junior Varsity Basketball team on their Championship Win!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Boys!




Unfortunately, we no longer have access to IXL. Please use some of the helpful math websites listed at the bottom of this page! Thank you 🙂

Beginning March 2nd, we will be reading “A Wrinkle in Time” together in class. Each student will need his/her own copy of this book by that date. Thank you!


If your child is going home with someone else, please send me an email in the morning. Thank you!