Teacher's Message

This year I’m looking forward to educating and getting to know your children, but also helping in their preparation for the  next step at the Academy: Middle School. Your children will experience a variety of educational opportunities, while growing through the challenges ahead. We will have another exciting year in our science lab conducting all of the unique, hands-on investigations, our science curriculum has to offer. Each trimester you can expect one major project that will be completed at home, while other projects will be completed in class throughout cooperative group learning.



I am so HAPPY to have everyone together!


If you are bringing your own device to school, please make sure it is fully charged each night.


Please bring a snack, a water bottle, and lunch to school each day.


9/27/21- Tonight’s Homework and Reminders:

Math- WB p. 22
Spelling- My View p. 117
Important reminder regarding birthday celebrations. In order for birthday treats to be distributed during snack time, they must be store bought from a store such as Stop and Shop, Shop Rite, etc, (not a bakery or homemade) and they must be individually wrapped (such as small packs of cookies, individually packed Rice Krispies treats, small chip or pretzel bags, etc.)
Test Schedule
This Week:
Wednesday- Vocabulary (Unit 1)
Thursday- Religion (Chapter 3)
Friday- Reading and  (Unit 1 Week 3)
Next Week:
Wednesday- Math- Decimals
Thursday- Religion (Chapter 4)
Friday- Reading and  (Unit 1 Week 4)