Teacher's Message



Welcome to 4th Grade!  I am so happy to be your 4th Grade teacher.

My goal, as your teacher, is to work with you to maintain your progress and potential in school.  I am committed to your development and growth. Each day we will learn something new together. Let’s have a wonderful year filled with awesome learning experiences and lots of fun activities.  I am looking forward to working and learning with you.

For your child’s safety, please inform me by writing a note or by e-mail when someone other than you will be picking up your child.

If possible do this by 9 a.m., it is very difficult at times to check emails all day long.

Here is another important safety rule about the school parking lot:  Please  pick up your child in the parking lot by the fence. If you take your child off the dismissal line, please inform me. It is for your child’s safety that I ask you to follow these simple rules.

Thank you to all the parents/guardians who go to the appropriate place at dismissal time. Supportive parents are lifesavers!

Thank you for your time, support, and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Essman

Just a few Reminders:.

4th grade has gym bring sneakers.

  • Check Spanish Website for homework assignments.
  •  Check 7th Grade Website for Math assignments.
  • Please make sure if you volunteer to work in the school or go on a class trip, you have completed the Protecting God’s Children course and filled out the proper volunteer forms.
  • Bring in a healthy snack each day.
  • Bring in earbuds or earphones.
  • We do not have IXL any longer.