Teacher's Message

Hello, 2nd graders! I hope you are all rested and refreshed after your weekend!

I really enjoyed our online chats last week, and I am looking forward to speaking with more of you today. Your parents were sent information about how you can join the chat, and you will also see a link posted on our Google Classroom stream. Remember to join at your scheduled time.

Starting today, all of your class assignments and tests should be turned in through Google Classroom. You will no longer need to use our class blog to show attendance each morning. I will know who is present by the assignments you are turning in on Google Classroom. I’ve added some of my own teaching videos this week, so make sure to watch them!

Once I am finished with our individual chats, I will be sending out invitations for another group Morning Meeting. Teddy, Julianna, and David, don’t forget to have your jokes ready! 

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Ms. Gerlach 


 Important Notice about First Friday Mass

 St Therese of Lisieux Church in Cresskill is offering a First Friday Mass online at 8:30 am this Friday.  Our school community is encouraged to join together and watch the Mass online.  You will find more information on our school webpage.

April 3, 2020


1. Read about Palm Sunday on p. 355 of your Religion WB. Complete the worksheet “What is Palm Sunday?”

2. Color the Palm Sunday drawing on Google Classroom OR you can draw/color your OWN picture showing Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem.

Social Studies:

1. First, read p. 88 in your Social Studies WB.

2. Next, watch the teaching video on Google Classroom that shows you how to use a grid map.

3. Finally, use what you learned to answer the questions on p. 89 in your WB.. Don’t forget to submit a screenshot of the page. You will be receiving a classwork grade for this assignment.


1.  Take the Reading Test for “Bad Dog, Dodger!” on Google Classroom.  Submit when completed.

2. Print out the Guided Reading Questions for “Sophie’s Masterpiece” on Google Classroom.

2. Next, listen to the story “Sophie’s Masterpiece” by Eileen Spinelli and answer the questions on the page.

Language Arts:

Complete the sentences on pgs. 100 & 101 in Vocabulary Workshop to practice your vocabulary words.


1. Today’s topic is on writing three-digit numbers in e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d form. Watch the video on Google Classroom that compares expanded form to a Slinky!

2. Complete pgs. 311 – 314 in your Math WB.


April 2, 2020


1. This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday. It is the first day of Holy Week leading up to Easter. Watch the video of “The Donkey That No One Could Ride” posted on Google Classroom  and listen to the story of Palm Sunday.

2. Answer the following questions about the video on a separate piece of paper. Please number your answers:

1. Who is the man with the sad eyes and soft, gentle voice?
2. What did Jesus say the donkey would do for him?
3. What did the donkey say when Jesus asked if he had faith that he could be healed?
4. What happened to the donkey when Jesus closed his eyes and touched him?
5. How did the donkey show his thanks?
6. What were the people in the city waving in their hands when Jesus arrived?
7. What names did the people call Jesus?
8. How did the donkey feel when he carried Jesus into the city?
9. What does this lesson teach us about faith and believing in Jesus?


Don’t forget to go to Google Stream today at 10:00 am to join our Morning Meeting!  We will  be reading “Bad Dog, Dodger!” to prepare for tomorrow’s Reading Test.

Language Arts:

Practice synonyms by completing pgs. 154 – 156 in your Voyages in English WB.


1. Watch the video on Google Classroom for an explanation of place value for numbers in the hundreds.

2. Complete pgs. 307 – 309 in your Math WB.

Social Studies:

1. Yesterday you learned about relative location. You located animals in a zoo by using words such as next to, near, to the right of, etc.   Absolute location is the exact spot where something is located – for example, a house address or a street name.

2. Compare what you know about ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE location by completing the cut-and-paste activity on the worksheet on Google Classroom.

3. Read the instructions  “How to Write an Address” on Google Classroom.   Using the worksheet provided, write our school’s absolute location and draw its picture. (You can find it on the bottom of our school’s webpage.)


Print out and complete the vocabulary quiz on Hands & Hygiene in Google Classroom.

Homework will be posted on Google Classroom at 2:30 pm.


Tuesday, March 31, 2020


1. Read more about the first three commandments on pgs. 256 & 257 of your Religion WB.

2. Complete the activity on p. 257.


1. Practice sequencing events by completing Practice Book p. 77. Remember to use the words first, second, third and last!

2. Practice prefixes un-, re-, pre-, and dis- by completing Practice Book p. 78.

3. Practice vocabulary words for “Bad Dog, Dodger!” by completing Practice Book p. 79.

4. Look back through the story “Bad Dog, Dodger!” The author uses lively VERBS to show Dodger’s actions. One example of a verb is “licked” on p. 214.  What are 5 more lively verbs in the story to show what Dodger did?

5. Dog owners often use one-word commands to tell a dog what to do, such as “Heel!” Write down 3 commands that Sam used in the story.


1.  Yesterday you watched teaching videos about germs and the importance of washing your hands.

2.  Complete the worksheet on Google Classroom  to show what you know about hand washing!


1. Read the example on top of p. 303 in your Math WB.

2. Complete pgs. 303 – 305.

Language Arts:

1.  Complete p. 152 in Voyages in English. This is our last page on contractions.  There will be a test on Contractions on Monday next week.

2. Synonyms are words that have the SAME or almost the same meaning.  Watch the video on synonyms on Google Classroom.

3. Then complete p. 154 of your WB. You can use a thesaurus if you need to find a synonym.


Homework will be posted on Google Classroom at 2:30 pm.


Tuesday, March 31, 2020


1. Don’t forget to turn in your greeting cards to hospital workers, first responders, hospital or nursing home patients by today!

2. Read about the Ten Commandments in your Religion WB pgs. 254 & 255.

3. Read the Ten Commandments chart posted on Google Classroom, which have been rewritten for children.  Read and think about each one. Think about any that may be hard for you to follow. Then say a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking for help in following the commandment.

4. Complete the activity on p. 255 of your WB.


1. Turn to pgs. 210 & 211 in your Reading Book. Read the story “Rabbit Tricks.” Try to figure out the meaning of the highlighted words by looking for clues in the story.

2. Print or copy the list of new vocabulary words and their definitions posted on Google Classroom. You will need to know these words for the Reading Test on Friday.

3.  A story’s PLOT is what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of a story, but what is a story’s THEME?  View the video on Google Classroom that explains how to find the theme of a story, book, or movie.

4. Read the story “Bad Dog, Dodger” on pgs. 212 – 225 in your Reading Book.

5.  Answer questions about the story on Google Classroom.  Your answers will not be graded, but I will be reading them to check your understanding.

Skills & Drills:

Practice reading, language arts, and math skills using iknowit.com, or the educational websites posted on Google Classroom.

Language Arts:

1.  Complete the Vocabulary test on Google Classroom and turn it in when finished.

2. Turn to pgs. 98 & 99 in Vocabulary Workshop. Read OR listen to the story.
Remember you can listen to stories read aloud by going to “Resources” on our Class Page, clicking on Vocabulary Workshop, and then clicking on the PURPLE book!


1. We are beginning Chapter 7: Place Value to 1000. Watch the video on Google Classroom that shows how to trade tens for hundreds!

2. Then complete pgs. 299 – 301 in your WB.


1.  Take the Investigating Sound quiz on Google Classroom.

2.  We are starting a new topic about how to stay healthy. Watch the “Germs Movie” on Google Classroom to learn about germs and our immune system.

3. Then watch “Germ Smart” to find out what we can do to protect ourselves from germs.

4. Write 3 things you learned from the videos. Use complete sentences, please!

Homework will be posted on Google Classroom every day at 2:30 pm.


Monday, March 30, 2020


1.  Please make a “card” thanking our hospital workers and first responders for the work they do OR one sending a friendly message to someone in a hospital or nursing home. Don’t fold your paper into a greeting card that opens. Just draw, color and write a message on the front of a regular piece of white paper.  Due tomorrow.

2.  Read about St. Benedict on p. 252 of your Religion WB.   Complete the activity on p. 253.

3.  Watch our class singing “We Shall Not Be Moved” on Google Classroom!


1. Print out or copy this week’s Spelling words from Google Classroom.  Spelling HW will be assigned 2X a week.

2.  Watch my video explaining silent consonants. Then complete Practice Book p. 73.

3.  Think of 4 words (not your spelling words) that contain the silent consonants kn, wr, gn, and mb.  Then write a sentence for each word.


1.  Watch my video going over today’s test questions.

2.  Then complete the Chapter 12 test and turn it in when you are finished.

Language Arts:

1. Complete pgs. 150 & 151 in your Voyages in English WB.

2. Challenge worksheet: Complete the color-by-code contraction sheet to make an ice cream sundae!

Social Studies:

1. We are starting chapter 3 in your Social Studies WB.  Please read pgs. 86 & 87 and complete the writing activities on these pages. You do not need to turn in this work.

2. Print out the “Welcome to the Zoo!” worksheet on Google Classroom.

3. Follow the instruction sheet to find relative locations at the zoo!


Vocabulary Workshop – Study for Unit 8 test tomorrow.

Science – Study for quiz on Sound tomorrow. Study guide is on Google Classroom.

Greeting “card” (one side of a page, no folds) for a hospital worker, first responder, or hospital/nursing home patient due tomorrow!!



Unit 4 Religion Test

Chapter 5, Lessons 5 & 6 Test

Adjectives Test

Firefighter Test p. 1  Firefighter Test p. 2  Firefighter Test p. 3


Thursday, March 26, 2020


1.  Read p. 244 in your Religion WB. Religion WB p. 244 1 

2.  Then watch the video about The Great Commandment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xb7qIjEwaE&t=2s

3. Complete the activity on p. 245. Religion WB p. 245


1. Turn to pgs. 204 & 205 in Reading Street. Read the purple column about Poetry.

2.  Read “Adoption” and “The Stray Cat.” Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:

What are the rhyming words in “Adoption?”

In “The Stray Cat” will the people who found the cat keep it? How do you know?

3. Write your own poem about a cat. Remember, some poems rhyme, but not always!  Write your poem on a piece of paper and draw a picture to go along with it. Ask a parent to take a photo and send it.


On Tuesday we are having a quiz on Sound. A study guide is attached. The quiz will follow the study guide. Take some time to study it now. Study Guide for Investigating Sound

Language Arts:

1.  Practice your vocabulary words by completing pgs. 95 & 96 in your Vocabulary WB. Vocabulary Workshop p. 95   Vocabulary Workshop p. 96

2.  There will be a test on Unit 8 words on Monday next week. Under “Resources” on our class page, click on Vocabulary Workshop, then on the PURPLE book.  Click on Unit 8 on the left side. Play some games and activities to practice your words.


1.  Review Chapter 12 by completing pgs. 549 & 550 in your WB.

2.  Then do the Fluency Practice on pg. 552.

We will be having a test on Chapter 12 (Money and Time) on Monday next week.

Social Studies:

1.  Today’s famous American is Harriet Tubman. Watch a video about her life: https://jr.brainpop.com/socialstudies/biographies/harriettubman (Our schools’s BrainPOP code is academyOLMC and password is olmc10afly.)

2. Take the Easy or Hard quiz to answer questions . Then do some of the activities under the video.

3.  Read about Harriet Tubman on the worksheet: Harriet Tubman Bio
4.  Complete the cut and paste activity : Harriet Tubman Activity


Spelling – Complete another activity from your Choice Board with your spelling words.

Reading – Study for test on “One Dark Night” tomorrow.

Math – There will be a test on Chapter 12 on Monday.