Parent Speakers: Parents are asked to come in to speak about various countries, experiences, careers, childhood memories, etc. Children Love to learn from their parents. If you are interested in coming in please contact Mrs. Farfan-Ross (Our World Language Teacher) at to arrange a date and time that works for you!

Grade 4: The 4th Grade will be comparing and contrasting the Movie Milan and to the Ballad of Milan. The 4th Graders will participate in various activities that go along with the story and China.

Grade 5 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Folktale Project: “The folktale is a story passed down verbally from generation to generation. Each storyteller added something new to the stories, making them more interesting and fascinating as the ages passed. Different folktales bear the characteristics of the culture, folklore and customs of the people from which they originated.” (from: In pairs the 5th grade class will be studying various Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Filipino folktales and participate in several activities afterwards.

Week of May 1st

Asian Heritage Kick off! Students engage in artistic expression such as creating origami, writing Haiku and Tanka Poetry, etc. Student work will be displayed for all to see!

Week of May 7th

May 11th: Kung Fu of Edgewater and Triumph of Tenafly will visit OLMC! Warriors throughout the building will engage in Martial Arts Programs with Professional Instructors. To participate, students must return a permission slip in advance. Thank you!

Week of May 14th

May 14th: At 1pm, the Warriors at OLMC will enjoy student performances inspired by the Asian Cultures around the world. Come join us for a learning experience that will sure to leave you with great knowledge and enjoyment.

Week of May 21st

Spirit Week

Week of May 28th

May 29th: During the Student Lunch Periods on May 29th, students will experience the sights, sounds and tastes of Asian Heritage while enjoying their Lunch. Feel free to send in a dessert to share with your class. (Ingredients must be listed for student allergies.)