Please help us to obtain increased funding for Nursing Services and Transportation for our students! Having a nurse at school is a necessity, and we need your help to let our state legislators know that increasing nursing aid for our students is important to their health and welfare, regardless of the school they attend. In addition, safe transportation is a serious need, and we also ask for your assistance in letting our legislators know that an increase in transportation aid will help families get their children to and from school safely. Increased funding in these two areas helps make the difference for our families in choosing a Catholic education. Contacting your state legislators is easy and only takes a few minutes at:

Thank you for your help in making our voices heard in Trenton this budget season.


ISSUE:           Given the circumstances of the following issues, we are formulating an Action Alert for two important increases to be included as Budget Resolutions in the final version of the Appropriations Act due to the Governor by June 30.  Budget Resolutions are the changes in the Governor’s Budget as submitted by him to the Legislature.  They are as follows:

  1. An increase in the per-pupil ceiling for nonpublic school transportation from the current $1,165 to at least $1,233, given the loss of busing caused by the lack of drivers statewide and other issues explained in the enclosed Talking Points. This reflects the CPI increase for the coming year.
  2. An increase from $120 to $160 per pupil for nursing services.

OUR POSITION:   The New Jersey Catholic Conference and the New Jersey Catholic school supporters firmly support the requests in this Alert.

ACTION:       Contact your legislators and ask that they sponsor or co-sponsor the Budget Resolutions listed above.  Please note that the Democratic members normally are the only ones who will have Budget Resolutions approved, so they would be of particular importance for your contacts.

  • This Action Alert should be REPEATED between now and the beginning of June because that is when the Budget Resolutions are submitted to be included in the final version of the Appropriations Act to be signed by the Governor.
  • Please include the publicized increase in nonpublic school enrollment as a result of the pandemic to underscore the “asks.” However, many parents are still unable to fulfill their goal of having a nonpublic school education for their children because of the limitation on transportation.  Parents need transportation to school for their children, and aid-in-lieu payments are only a lesser alternative.  Tell your personal transportation horror stories in detail to the legislators.
  • Indicate the importance of in-person education that nonpublic schools maintained during the pandemic, particularly in underserved communities.