Spring has sprung! Along with it, comes allergy season. Please be aware that any student who needs to remain indoors during recess due to allergies MUST HAVE A DOCTOR’S NOTE! Also, please be sure to take steps to reduce exposure to allergens for your child.

1. Be sure your child is using prescribed medication and/or allergy eye drops (if applicable) to control allergy symptoms.

Nurse Kelly

2. Encourage child to wear sunglasses while outdoors to shield eyes from pollen/allergens.

3. Wash hands/face after spending time outdoors to remove pollen and reduce allergens on skin.

4. Shower and wash hair in the evening to remove allergens before getting into bed.

5. Remove shoes before entering the house to limit the amount of pollen being tracked indoors.

6. Use AC instead of opening windows, if possible, to reduce the amount of pollen indoors.

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